The Equipment

Straight Edgebanders - 6
Contour Edgebanders 4' Wide - 2
Contour Edgebanders 5' Wide - 2
Edge Foilers:  5
Manual Banders:
Maxmatic CM1000 contour bander
Manual Trimmer:
Maxmatic MT1000 edgeband trimmer

Edge Banding & Finishing

Panel Processing offers a wide variety of edge finishing from CNC contour edge banding to edge painting.  We have full capabilities to provide edge paint that can be applied to straight and bull nosed edges of hardboard and thin HDF & MDF.   

Our equipment list includes single sided and contour edgebanders which include buffers and polishing units to provide a quality edge finish every time.  Edge banding from 0.5mm to 3.0mm, is applied by the CNC controlled edgebanders which is the best solution where a rigid and strong surface is required.  

Multiple edge foiling machines allow for free-form foiling and soft form edge banding is applied to parts like drawer sides and shelving.

Plastic tee-molding is also available on parts over ½” thick.