Market Trends - Mega Peg

Do you need a different way to display your products? Then you need Mega Peg! Pegboard is our tried-and-true display option but recently it has taken on a new life in the retail environment, as well as in homes - in the kitchen, office, bedroom and more - as a great industrial, rustic approach to organize and display in one! So why not go one step further and make it MEGA!

Mega Peg is an updated concept that takes pegboards to the next level, giving you a fresh, new way to store and display items. Mega Peg features a large hole and round peg system creating an endless range of options utilizing pegs, shelves, hooks, graphics/signs and more.

The pegs are adjustable allowing you to make it fit your needs and style. Utilizing the pegs you can add shelves to display small products such as kitchen utensils and dishes, shoes, accessories, toys and more. You can simply hang bags, scarves, jeans, shirts and jewelry from one single peg or use two pegs to support flat surfaced products such as shoes, boxes and sunglasses. You can even mount graphics to complement your products – graphics or signs printed on substrates like MDF just need holes cut in each corner to hang from the pegs. The options are endless, making Mega Peg a versatile and practical option.

Our Mega Peg is available in all of the same substrates as our standard pegboard - particle board, MDF and Woodgrain Print Panels.

Contact us to learn how you can create sleek and multifunctional display systems for your products with Mega Peg! Think BIG!

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