The Details

Std. Hole Patterns:
1" OC
Std. Hole Diameters: 
9/32” (nominal ¼”) 
100% Scrap (complete peg holes)
0% scrap (partial peg holes)

10 pt paper (Standard)
12 pt paper (Standard)

Capable of utilizing 8 pt - 24 pt

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Pegboard Skinz

Being the nations Pegboard leader, it only made sense that we would find additional ways to dress up your pegboard.  Panel Processing’s Pegboard Skinz are perforated paper overlays that can be placed directly over existing pegboard panels and secured with pegs, tree clips, or double-sided tape. These skinz allow you to change a retail environment in moments giving you cost-effective, time-saving versatility.  Pre-punched holes in the thick stock paper allow you to change the display layout without tearing paper.


We work with your printer, graphic house, store fixture manufacturer or can supply the finished product.  The printed sheets will be given the peg hole pattern and specifications you require for your display.  You no longer need to replace entire units of pegboard for seasonal displays.  Think green! You can create less waste by placing skinz on your entire store remodel instead of replacing the board!

  • Easy to change and replace
  • Affordable and cost effective
  • Adds versatility for seasonal changes and specials
  • Two hole options for different looks and display functions
  • Creates less waste than replacing actual pegboard

Click the image below to see close up the two perforation options that you have when choosing your Pegboard Skinz.  We have the 100% scrap option, where the complete hole has been removed.  Our 0% Scrap option simply has partial cuts in the paper where the hole will be.  Both work great, but give your Pegboard a different look and display function.