The Details

Std. Sheet Sizes:
4' x 8' and 5' x 8' long direction
Std. Groove: 
3" OC Grooves
6" OC Grooves available
Custom sheet sizes or short direction

Particle Board

POP Industry
Product Display

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Slatwall Load Capacity

Get Organized


Looking for a small quantity of 4' x 8' long direction slatwall in recoatable white paint finish? Your local Lowe's store is the place to look. Most stores carry our Holland Panel Products slatwall in the Paneling & Millwork aisle. 

Slatwall is great for organizing your garage, laundry room, kids' play room, tool shed and any other place that you want to see neat and tidy.

Slatwall & Custom Slatwall

Slatwall panels have been utilized in the retail industry for wall coverings and product displays for years.  Typically manufactured from MDF with slots to accept multiple accessories, they are often painted, digitally printed on or laminated from an array of substrates to give the retail space the desired look. Panel Processing takes the standard Slatwall a step further by adding our fabrication capabilities to produce something custom when needed.


  • Custom and stock paint with optional UV top coat
  • Graphics and Woodgrain printing available
  • 4’ x 8’ and 5’ x 8’ long direction slatwall, and custom fabricated slatwall
  • Custom edge finishes, paint, straight-line and contour edge banding
  • Special edge profiles
  • Long- and short-direction slatwall
  • Slatwall paneling routed to custom shapes
  • Custom margins and spacing
  • Holes drilled in slatwall panels to your specifications
  • Supply and install slot inserts
  • Eco-Finish paint coatings especially formulated for high definition direct-to-board digital printing
  • A large variety of laminate finishes including foil melamine, thermalfused melamine, vinyl, and HPL