Being a responsible environmental citizen has been a tenet of our corporate philosophy since the company was formed in 1971.  In fact, our Corporate Steering Committee monitors and analyzes procurement, manufacturing and delivery procedures to ensure that this policy is strictly upheld.  They review all existing operations and evaluate any new projects on the basis of the following principles that evolved from this early and ongoing environmental commitment.

  • Sustainable material selection and sourcing
  • Manufacturing process control
  • Air quality
  • Recycling/waste minimization opportunities in operations
  • Energy conservation
  • Supplier accountability
  • Employee health and well being

HDF, MDF, particle board, veneer plywood and other engineered wood products are purchased from manufacturers that employ responsible tree harvesting and forest management practices.  These practices are designed for maximum material usage with minimal environmental impact.  We specify that these products be certifiable as Environmentally Preferred Products by the Composite Panel Association.  These products are then utilized throughout our converting and secondary manufacturing processes up to and including packaging and shipping in a manner which is as environmentally responsible as possible.

Coatings that we apply emit minimal or no volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) and are primarily formulated using water borne or UV cured technology.  They are applied to our products with curtain coaters and/or roll coaters that yield the best transfer efficiency possible.  No heavy metal pigments are used and all obsolete or off specification coatings are reworked and retinted in house to minimize waste.  We are leaders in employing water based and UV cured technology in the wood coatings field making our first successful conversion to a water based coating in 1988.

All wood waste is recycled either to one of our suppliers for boiler fuel and/or raw fiber or to the local agricultural community to be utilized as animal bedding.  Metal, plastic, glass and other recycling is also in place at all locations.