Panel Processing was founded in 1971 by R. M. “Bob” Granum. From a small plant in Alpena, Michigan, we have grown to be the largest panel fabricator in North America. With a continued dedication to serving our customers, we have grown to ten facilities in five states. Every order is custom made and we have developed unequaled experience in fabricating, painting, printing and laminating to serve our customer’s growing needs.

Alpena Michigan Facility


Panel Processing, Inc. was founded

A small plant on the shores of Lake Huron in Alpena, Michigan was the start of Panel Processing, Inc.

Jacksonville Texas Facility


Jacksonville, Texas

In an effort to expand offering and manufacturing space, PPI purchased a hardboard finishing plant in Jacksonville, Texas.


New Facility in Coldwater, Michigan

In 1978 Panel Processing built a 42,000 square foot facility in Coldwater, Michigan.


Additional Coldwater, Michigan Facility

To meet demand, an additional site was acquired in Coldwater, Michigan to expand operations further.


100% Employee Owned & Alpena Plant Expansion

1999 was a big year for PPI, the company not only became 100% employee owned but also expanded the original Alpena plant. The Alpena plant was expanded by 66,000 square feet and an additional paint line was added.


Coldwater Plant Expansion

2002 brought another plant expansion. The Coldwater, Michigan plant was expanded by 30,000 square feet.

Eufaula Alabama Facility


Purchased the business operations of Alabama Inter-Forest Corporation

In 2004 PPI purchased the business operations of Alabama Inter-Forest Corporation in Eufaula, Alabama.


100% Owned by ESOP

Panel Processing became 100% owned by the ESOP.

Holland Michigan Facility


Purchased Assets of AFCO Industries Inc. in Holland, Michigan

PPI purchased certain assests of AFCO Industries Inc. in Holland, Michigan during 2005.


Eufaula, Alabama Plant Expansion

In 2006 PPI completed an expansion to the Alabama plant that is currently 243,000 square feet.


Aquired Claudville, Virginia Facility

In 2012 PPI purchased the assets of Modular Wood System based in Claudville, Virginia.


Surplus Capacity Offering

Panel Processing maintains surplus capacity to meet the unexpected requirements from customers.


Purchased Assets of Thermo Pressed Laminates in Klamath Falls, Oregon

Panel Processing purchases the assets of Thermo Pressed Laminates in Klamath Falls, Oregon.


Purchased Assets of National Display Group in Pennsauken, New Jersey

In 2016 PPI purchased certain assets of National Display Group in Pennsauken, New Jersey.


Purchased Assets of Down River, LLC in Klamath Falls, Oregon

Panel Processing purchases the assets of Down River in Klamath Falls, Oregon becoming Panel’s most newest facility.


Purchased a New Corporate Office in Alpena, Michigan

Panel moved the Corporate Office to 1030 Devere Drive in Alpena, Michigan. Our manufacturing facility still remains at our 120 North Industrial Highway location.


Panel Processing Commemorates 50th Anniversary

Panel Processing, Inc. proudly celebrates its 50th anniversary as a leading flat panel fabricator. Panel Processing was incorporated on the 4th of February in 1971 and since then Panel continues to work closely with customers to help identify and develop innovative solutions to meet their specific needs.