Setting your company apart from your competition in a retail setting is one of the key components to marketing for your company. Many companies focus on branding and point of differentiation between themselves and their competitors. In more saturated markets it can be harder and harder to avoid blending in with the other brands on a wall or shelf. Enter custom display stands; a better way outside of the traditional marketing efforts to make your products more attractive and easier to find for customers.

Increasing Awareness of Your Brand

Don’t get caught being another product on the shelf. When sitting together many products begin to blend into the area around them creating almost a flat wall effect in the eyes of the consumer. Break free from the standard by showcasing your product offerings in a variety of custom display stands. Your products can become more visible and also easier to interact with on the consumer level making you the top-of-mind brand choice.

Providing Convenience to the Customer

With the recent trend in online shopping customers are used to finding what they want at the snap of a finger. The in-store convenience needs to echo that same convenience. With custom display stands you can quickly grab potential customers attention and provide supplemental information all in one step. We also go beyond retail fixtures and displays. Let us create a custom cash wrap or P.O.P. display to further your brand footprint throughout the store. This goes a long way in keeping your brand top of mind with consumers as they add value in the convenience of finding your products.

Custom Capabilities

Do you have an idea for something a bit out of the box? We will work with you to bring your ideas to life. We even offer sample materials to showcase our products. With our custom manufacturing capabilities, your retail displays will be sure to stand apart from the crowd.

Affordable Advertising

Having a custom display stand is equivalent to having an employee standing around all day advertising your brand by holding up signs and handing out flyers. The main difference is that you get the same exposure for your brand at a much more affordable price.

At Panel Processing, we design and build custom display stands to meet your exact needs. For general inquiries, obtaining a quote, or samples send us an email at