We have teamed up with multiple partners to develop a strong business alliance and to provide our customers with quality. We have multiple raw cores and board materials for you to choose the product for your project. Ask your sales representative about LEED compliant wood products that we use.


  • High percentage of Western pine fiber
  • Excellent machinability which extends tool life
  • A light brown to buff color allowing for the use of light laminate papers
  • Available in NAF and FSC® certified
  • Available from Collins Pine Particleboard which is LBC Red List Free
  • Available thicknesses 3/8″ – 1-1/4″
Particleboard Fibers


  • Light colored and a flat surface
  • Engineered for a smooth, unblemished surface
  • Homogeneous core for great machining and throughput
  • High quality inland species of Western softwoods
  • Available thicknesses 1/4″ – 1-1/4″

Tempered Hardboard

  • Medium to dark brown color with a smooth, flat surface
  • Comprised of just linseed oil and wood it provides a smooth surface
  • No loose fiber
  • Formaldehyde free
  • Available thicknesses 1/8″ – 3/16″

Plywood Cores

  • Multiple plywood cores available
  • Panels can be specified FSC® certified
  • Formaldehyde free
  • Multiple thicknesses
Plywood Cores

LEED Credits

  • FSC® particleboard
  • No added formaldehyde resins
  • 100% post industrial waste
  • Made within 500 mile region
  • Indoor air quality

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