Panel Processing’s Pegboard Skinz are perforated paper overlays that can be placed directly over existing pegboard panels and secured with pegs, tree clips or double-sided tape. We punch the paper, we don’t print or supply the paper, your printer or graphic house supplies us the printed paper. We then perforate the paper to create Pegboard Skinz. These skinz allow you to change a retail environment in moments giving you cost-effective, time-saving versatility. Pre-punched holes in the thick stock paper allows you to change the display layout without tearing paper. Although the paper is usually already printed with the graphics of choice, we do have printers that we deal with directly to assist in getting your paper printed prior to us perforating it.  In general the standard skinz are produced from 10 pt and 12 pt paper.

We offer 100% scrap (complete peg holes) or 0% scrap (partial holes). More information on Pegboard Skinz.

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