Are you looking for a simple, cost effective way to freshen up your custom retail displays? Panel Processing has just the thing for you! Whether you want to make your displays a little more lively, switch things up according to the season, or give your facility a whole new look, Pegboard Skinz from Panel Processing are the perfect solution.

As a leading pegboard supplier, we at Panel Processing wanted to provide a convenient way to embellish and customize pegboard displays, so we created Pegboard Skinz. Our Pegboard Skinz are perforated paper overlays (or pegboard backer paper) that you can secure to existing pegboard displays, giving them an instant makeover. 

Here’s how it works: your printer or graphic house sends us the printed paper with your approved designs, we punch the paper according to your perforation preferences, then we send the finished overlay back to you. You affix the Pegboard Skinz to your pegboard panels with the fasteners we’ve provided, and voila! You’ve achieved a fresh new look for your display!

Pegboard Skinz offer a wide range of fantastic benefits that you won’t want to miss out on. They are easy to use, completely customizable, and more efficient and affordable than the alternative—which is to fully replace your entire pegboard display every time you want to redecorate. Cut down on the hassle of revamping your retail displays. Contact Panel Processing today to learn more about our Pegboard Skinz. To get in touch, call 1 (800) 433-7142 or send an email to