Traditional black and green chalkboards have been utilized for years in the educational system, but with the creation of the liquid chalk markers, times have changed. These vivid chalk inks have inspired new and creative ways to utilize chalkboards. From restaurants to the do-it-yourself spaces, everyone seems to be utilizing chalkboard panels. The problem with traditional chalkboards and chalkboard paint, is that the surface is very porous and some of the liquid chalks will remain in the pores leaving behind an image – this is called ghosting. To remedy this issue, Panel Processing has developed a smooth water-based liquid chalkboard coating that will erase away your images with just a wet rag or liquid chalk ink remover, depending upon chalkboard color and pen. Regular chalk can be used on liquid chalkboards too, giving you the ultimate versatility!

Now lets add COLOR! These chalk inks now have bright fluorescent colors, pastels and more so you don’t have to have a standard black chalkboard for the writing to show up. So we have created custom colored chalkboard panels with this new coating. Name the color and we will make it!

Think beyond black and let Panel be the a resource for your next project.


Specifically formulated for use with liquid chalk markers, this smooth chalkboard is perfect for signage that may need to be screen printed or digitally printed.  Because you can use the vibrant liquid chalk inks over and over, you now can order custom colors for the projects at hand to match your retail environment, children’s toys or just to add color.

  • Black standard color
  • Custom color matching available – ask for a sample
  • Screen printing and digital printing looks great on this surface
  • Cut-to-size and machined to exact specifications
  • Water-based coating on hardboard substrates
  • Multiple thicknesses and substrates available

We highly recommend the use of the original Chalk Ink® Markers as we have found them to be a high quality marker with mulitple tips options and a variety of colors that compliment our Liquid Chalkboard panels.  To remove the marker you can simply use a cloth with water or Chalk Ink® brand spray cleaner.

Colors shown in images are representative, please request a sample for accurate colors

4′ x 8′ Sheets
Standard Black
Custom Colors

Tempered Hardboard