Paper Punching

Orange Sheet Paper Punching
Green Pegboard Skinz


Std. Hole Pattern and Diameter
9/32″ holes with 1″ OC
Complete peg holes (100% Scrap)
Partial peg holes (0% Scrap)
Minimum width 23″
Maximum width 48″
Minimum length 43″


8 pt paper – 24 pt paper
(10 pt & 12 pt are standard)
Virgin or recycled papers

Multiple Prints Paper Punching
Pegboard Skinz Orange

With Panel Processing being one of the nations leading pegboard producers, it only makes sense that we will utililize our CNC controlled punch presses for more than just board. Our paper punching or perforating capabilities have given us the ability to be a top producer of Pegboard Skinz. These paper Skinz have changed pegboard displays around the country for years, allowing pegboard to be reused and allowing the display to change with the times, seasons or products.

We punch the paper, we don’t print or supply the paper, your printer or graphic house supplies us the printed paper.

We have the ability to perforate paper from 8 pt to 24 pt and we can utilize both recycled or virgin materials. Our punches also have the ability to punch either 100% Scrap (Complete) holes or 0% Scrap (Partial) holes to give display an entirely different look.

More information on Pegboard Skinz.

The equipment listed above is not available at every location. See our Capabilities Sheet to learn more about our equipment and capabilities available at each location.

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