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Panel Processing 50th Anniversary Commemoration

2021 Marks the 50th Anniversary of Panel Processing, Inc.

50 years ago, Panel Processing was created.

50 years ago we started with a small plant in Alpena, Michigan, and have grown to be one of the largest panel fabricators in North America…thanks to you!

Today, as we complete 50 years, we’re filled with gratitude and overwhelmed by your love and support.

Your Flat Panel Fabricator

Adding Value – One Panel at a Time

Panel Processing has been adding value for 50 years. As a custom flat panel fabricator it is our job to take your vision and bring it to life. As a 100% employee owned company with 9 manufacturing facilities, unprecedented experience in fabricating, painting and laminating, we are the leader in custom flat panel fabrication. We may have started with pegboard but we are much more. We can punch, cut, paint, design, coat, laminate, machine a multitude of wood substrates to create various products such as our slatwall, laminated panels, casework, cabinet components that can be found in store fixtures, kitchens, closets, schools, and RTA furniture to name a few.
Bring your vision to us and let us bring it to life.


Custom flat panel fabrication has been Panel Processing, Inc.’s specialty for 50 years. We have 9 manufacturing facilities and unequaled experience in fabricating, painting, printing and laminating; we are the fabricator you need to take your next project from concept to reality. We start with your idea, utilize multiple substrates including raw thin and thick HDF, MDF, particleboard, plywood – you name it, then Panel adds value.

Employee Owned & Proud

Panel Processing, Inc. is an employee owned (ESOP) company. Every one of our employee owners is dedicated to your success. Your best guarantee is people who passionately care about your business. Panel Processing’s quality and service are unmatched in our industry.

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