In the manufacturing business, choosing the right product material is paramount. If your work involves composite panel, particleboard will likely be one of your options. Thanks to its many unique features and benefits, particleboard is an excellent material selection for a variety of applications.

A low-density fiberboard made from wood byproducts, particleboard provides manufacturers with several useful advantages.

Machinability: Particleboard has excellent machining characteristics, and can easily be cut, milled, or drilled into the desired shape without putting undue strain on fabricating equipment.

Uniformity: Particleboard provides an extremely flat, uniform surface, which makes it ideal for painting and laminating.

Sustainability: Since particleboard is made from lumber byproduct, manufacturing it does not require any additional logging, which makes it more sustainable than many other comparable materials.

Cost: Manufacturers looking for a cost effective material can turn to particleboard, as it is significantly less expensive than wood or plywood.

All of these features make particleboard a popular material choice for flat panel furniture, cabinet fabrication, retail displays, and more. At Panel Processing, we provide a vast array of products made from particleboard, including (but not limited to) marker board panels, chalkboard panels, furniture components, cabinetry components, and retail displays.

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Custom Wood Panels: Particle Board Drilled and Cut