Thermally Fused Laminate

When its time to have the look of HPL with similar performance Thermally Fused Melamine (TFM) - also referred to as Thermally Fused Laminate (TFL), is often used.  The TFL is a melamine saturated paper that is thermally fused directly to the substrate.  With the absence of the multiple layers of Kraft paper that is found in HPL, you will loose some of the impact resistance but also you will have a lower cost. Without the cushion of the additional layers of Kraft paper, the TFL is not recommended for counter tops but performs excellent in a multiple vertical and low impact applications. 

Panel Processing will produce the parts you design for your fixture, display, cabinet, furniture, or other projects. Our CNC saws, machine centers, routers and edge banders will fabricate the parts you need, to your specs, shipped on-time. Installation of hardware, sub-assembly and assembly & packaging is also available.

Our Oregon facility, lays up TFL and has over 20 designs and colors in stock.  

Below we have listed our popular Melamine designs in Solids and Woodgrains.  If you would like a sample please reference the name and number below.  

THE SOLIDS Reference #
Black TFL-001
Almond TFL-002
Folkstone Grey TFL-004
Opti Grey TFL-005
Charcoal TFL-006
Antique White TFL-007
Glacier White TFL-009
Galaxy White TFL-010
Frosty White TFL-011
Wild Cherry TFL-012
Wild Apple TFL-013
Pacific Maple TFL-016
Alabama Cherry TFL-017
LA Luce Amati TFL-018
LA Notte Amati TFL-019
Hardrock Maple TFL-020
Mojave Alder TFL-021
Chocolate Pear TFL-022
Chocolate Apple TFL-023
Cognac TFL-024
Natural Maple TFL-025
June Mahogany TFL-026
Brazilian Walnut TFL-027
Cordoba Pine TFL-035
Tuxedo TFL-036
Soprano TFL-037
Rustik Oak TFL-038
Marseille TFL-039
Blooming Cherry TFL-040
Studio Teak TFL-041
Bleached Legno TFL-042
AB Walnut TFL-043
Weathered Teak TFL-044


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